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Looking Back on Research the Headlines in 2015

by on 2016/01/05

It’s been another busy year for us at Research the Headlines.  We’ve been casting our net wide this year, addressing some of the biggest news stories out there, from the refugee crisis to the Nepal Earthquake.  We asked tough questions of how people with depression are treated by the media in the wake of the Germanwings crash, and looked at how politicians incorporate research into policy decisions.  We scrutinised the big headlines and the small: is Google ruining our memories? Are tablets bad for child development? Should you throw out your skinny jeans?

We blogged about how research is portrayed at the Edinburgh Fringe (with a friendly nod to our colleague Alan Gow‘s efforts).

Silvia Paracchini began a fascinating series of interviews (Talking Headlines) with academics and figures deeply connected to how research is communicated to the public.  You can see some examples here and here.

Our very first competition launched in August.  “Rewrite the Headlines” invited primary school pupils and undergraduate students to think carefully about how a headline can be misleading, and how they could be made better.  We took in a fantastic number of submissions for our primary school competition, and the undergraduate competition has been extended into January.  There are some great prizes up for grabs!

It’s been another year of growth, with a growing readership and some fascinating stories being explored by our Young Academy of Scotland Members.  We’ll be keeping it up all the way through 2016!

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