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Coming soon… Rewrite the Headlines

by on 2015/02/27

At Research the Headlines, our aim is to address how research is reported in the media. We want to ensure that people of all ages are better equipped to understand and evaluate this information. We’re therefore delighted to announce that with funding from the British Academy, we’ll be launching Rewrite the Headlines this autumn, a competition to engage young people with research and the media.

The critical consumption of research reported in the media is an important skill, and one which needs to be encouraged early. Rewrite the Headlines is a competition to engage young people in evaluating research reported in the media, helping them to understand the potential weak points in the pipeline between research and headline, and in particular, to identify the responsibilities of both researchers and journalists in the process of knowledge dissemination. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of, and engage young people in, the critical consumption of research that may impact their lives.

The competition will be coordinated by the Research the Headlines team and colleagues from the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, including academics and professionals from across Scotland. There will be opportunities for school pupils and university students to get involved.

Full details will follow later in the year, so watch this space… In the meantime, keep up to date with our latest posts by signing up to our email notifications, follow us on Twitter @ResTheHeadlines (and look out for #RewriteTheHeadlines), or like us on Facebook.

Rewrite the Headlines is funded by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award 2015.


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