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Looking Back On Research The Headlines in 2014

by on 2014/12/30

Another year has gone by at Research the Headlines, and we’re going from strength to strength.  The Young Academy of Scotland took on a new cohort of members, and we’re delighted to have new contributors writing about topics like Islamic State, Ebola, Muslim integration in Britain, sex and language, milk, and whether C-sections increase the risk of autism (answer: no).

That doesn’t mean that the old guard took a back seat, however.  We wrote a ten part series on How To Research the Headlines, giving our readers tips on how to interpret news stories.

We asked whether e-cigarettes are safe, and what makes a good teacher.  Should you grow a beard? Is Facebook bad for self-image? Is there a blood test for Alzheimer’s? Our posts will help you answer those questions.

We even checked whether orangutans go through the menopause (short version: anecdotal evidence is no substitute for a proper study).

As always, sometimes the media does a great job of reporting research, even if the headlines can be misleading (see our Recipe for A Serial Killer? post).  And of course, sometimes the media distorts research findings in the pursuit of clickbait (breastfeeding seems to be a common target, see here and here).

Whatever the media writes about research, we’ll be reading and writing about it throughout 2015!

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