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Announcement – The Healthy Evidence Forum

by on 2014/01/20

Here at Research the Headlines, many of our posts cover medical or health related news stories, which we scrutinise for unfounded claims, examine for scientific evidence and then communicate noteworthy results to you, the readers.  We are also big supporters of the Ask for Evidence campaign, which supports and encourages people to request for themselves the evidence behind news stories, marketing claims and policies, helping people understand the importance of evidence and increasing the quality and accountability of evidence in public life.  

As such, we are delighted to hear of a new social media initiative from the NHS and Sense About Science to allow the public to come together online to discuss health-related issues, understand the science behind health claims and connect them with expertise.  The Healthy Evidence Forum, which launches officially on 20th January 2014, provides a venue for experts and members of the public to interact and dissect the latest news stories and studies, and is part of the wider Health Unlocked campaign.

Research the Headlines will be interacting regularly with the forum, providing both our own content and our experts’ analysis and advice.  Can you help us by spreading the word as far as possible by telling your friends and colleagues to visit the forum?  Can you join and share your insights on the science behind health reporting?  Do you know useful sources that can help people sort the beneficial from the bogus, the likely from the doubtful?  We would encourage all of those with an interest in this area to head on over to the Healthy Evidence Forum to check it out!

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